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METRIC Coarse, Fine, Specials HSS Taps R/H

METRIC Coarse, Fine, Specials HSS Taps R/H High Speed Steel Metric Ground Thread Taps Right and Left Hand ISO 529 / 539 Available in Standard, Coarse, Fine and Special, Set's of 3 Bottom, Second, Taper, Spiral Flute, Spiral Point. (Contact us if your specials requirements are not listed) Our price list is for bright finish, but we keep most common standard coarse thread spiral point and spiral flute taps in bright or steam tempered and nitrided, at the same price as bright. Please enquire.
M80x2 Metric Tap HSS Set of Three Taps
  • High Speed Steel
  • Part Number ES-2485
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£1,817.52 + VAT
M80x4 Volkel HSS Ground Thread Straight Flute Tap
  • 80mm diameter taps M80 x 4
  • Part Number ES-14771
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£858.02 + VAT
M85x2 Metric HSS Ground Thread Straight Flute Tap
  • High Speed Steel straight flute Metric hand tap M80 x 2
  • Part Number ES-14375
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£847.00 + VAT
Tin Coated M 4x0.7 HSS Metric Spiral Point Machine Tap
  • High Speed Steel spiral point Metric machine tap M4x0.7
  • Part Number ES-7577
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£10.24 + VAT
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